May 21-23, 2014


John Bell, Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford
John Hennessy
, President of Stanford University
Lloyd Minor, Dean of Stanford School of Medicine

Russ Altman, Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford
Euan Ashley, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular, Stanford
  Alexis Battle, Assistant Professor of Computational Biology & Medicine, Johns Hopkins
Ewan Birney, Director of Bioinformatics, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Philip Bourne, Associate Director for Data Science, National Institutes of Health
Carlos Bustamante, Professor of Genetics, Stanford
Atul Butte,  Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford
Rob Califf, Vice Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research, Duke
Jonathan Cohen, Sr Manager, CUDA Libraries and Algorithms, NVIDIA
Jim Davies, Professor of Software Engineering, University of Oxford
Sandrine Dudoit, Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics, UC Berkeley
Audrey Ellerbee, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford
Hector Garcia Molina, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford
Robert Gentleman, Sr Director of Bioinformatics, Genentech
Margot Gerritsen, Associate Professor of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford
David Glazer, Director of Engineering, Google
 Bob Harrington, Professor of Medicine, Stanford
Trevor Hastie, Professor of Statistics, Stanford
Simon Hay, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Oxford
Chris Holmes, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Oxford
John Ioannidis, Professor of Health Research and Policy, Stanford
Taha Kass-Hout, Chief Health Informatics Office, FDA
Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures
Teri Klein, Director & Co-Principal Investigator, PharmGKB
Gregory Kovacs, Professor of Engineering, Stanford
Martin Landray, Reader in Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant Physician, University of Oxford
Daniel MacArthur, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital
Colin Mahony, GM Vertica, HP
Michael Mahoney, Department of Mathematics, Stanford
Teri Manolio, Director of Genomic Medicine, National Human Genome Research Institute
Michael V. McConnell, Professor of Medicine, Stanford
Jennifer McNab, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Stanford
Gilean McVean, Professor of Statistical Genetics, University of Oxford
Mads Melbye, Director, Division of National Health Surveillance and Research
Olivo Miotto, Center for Genomics and Global Health, University of Oxford
Vijay Pande, Professor of Chemistry, Stanford
Ketan Paranjape, Worldwide Director, Health and Life Sciences, Intel
Julie Parsonnet, Professor of Medicine, Stanford
Slyvia Plevritis, Professor of Radiology, Stanford
Stephen Quake, Professor of Engineering, Stanford
David A. Relman,  Professor of Medicine, Microbiology & Immunology, Stanford
Marylyn D. Ritchie, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Penn State
Dan Roden, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Vanderbilt
Daniel Rubin, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Stanford
Chiara Sabatti, Associate Professor of Health Research and Policy, Stanford
Julia Salzman, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford
Eric Schadt, Professor of Genetics, Mount Sinai Hospital
Nigam Shah, Professor of Medicine, Stanford
Stephen Smith, Associate Director FMRIB, University of Oxford
Michael Snyder, Professor of Genetics, Stanford
Lionel Tarassenko, Professor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Oxford
Dennis Wall, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford
Paul Yock, Professor of Medicine, Stanford
Marta Gaia Zanchi, Lecturer, Department of Surgery, Stanford