Christina Curtis, PhD, MSc
Assistant Professor, Medicine & Genetics, Stanford

Christina is an Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and of Genetics at Stanford University and Co-director of the Molecular Tumor Board at the Stanford Cancer Institute. Her research leverages innovative experimental approaches, high-throughput omic technologies, and computational modeling to develop a systems level, multi-scale view of cancer that spans single cells to patient populations. She is particularly interested in quantifying the dynamics of tumor progression and in establishing a systematic interpretation of the genotype to phenotype map in cancer. To this end, she and her team have developed computational frameworks to measure clinically relevant patient-specific parameters and to infer novel mechanisms of tumor growth. Using integrative approaches to mine patient genomic data, her research has also redefined the molecular map of breast cancer, revealing novel subgroups with distinct clinical outcomes and subtype-specific cancer genes. Ongoing efforts are aimed at developing predictive models for improved stratification and patient-tailored treatment strategies.