Poster Session

We invite all academic registrants to participate in the
Big Data in Precision Health Poster Session.


To participate in the Poster Session, presenters are required to register for either one day or two days of the conference attendance.  Conference guests will have the opportunity to browse the posters while enjoying cocktails and appetizers, as well as have one-on-one conversations with poster presenters to learn more about their current research.

During resgistration, each poster presenter will be required to submit an abstract with the following information: 

• Title
• Authors
• Affiliations
• Abstract (1 page max.)

Poster presenters will receive a 35% discount off the cost of academic registration. All abstracts are subject to approval. 

STANFORD AFFILIATES: To register and to receive discounted registration, please email 


Participation in the scientific poster session provides a valuable opportunity to:

• Increase exposure to your current research.
• Network and engage colleagues in an active discussion about your research project.



For more information on how to participate in the Poster Session, please send us an email at and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.