Ruth Travis, DPhil
Associate Professor, Oxford

Ruth Travis is a molecular epidemiologist at the University of Oxford. Her main research interests are the hormonal, lifestyle and genetic determinants of common non-communicable diseases, particularly cancer. Her work involves combining the resources of established large cohort studies and international consortia with study designs that take advantage of new technology, both in terms of ‘omics’ and electronic data linkage. She is Principal Investigator of a study of the effects of shift work and circadian disruption on disease within the Million Women Study and EPIC-Oxford cohorts. Ruth also co-ordinates the UK Biobank Prostate Cancer Epidemiology Consortium, as well as studies on metabolomics and other biomarkers in relation to prostate cancer in the Europe-wide EPIC study. She represents EPIC as a member of several international cancer genetics consortia (BPC3, PRACTICAL and Ellipse). She also leads projects on growth factors, sex hormones and vitamin D for an international collaboration on hormonal biomarkers and prostate cancer.