David J. Maron, MD
Clinical Professor, Medicine, Stanford

David is Director of Preventive Cardiology in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University. He is the Cardiology lead on the Baseline Study - a clinical research collaboration between Google Life Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine and Duke University School of Medicine to develop an integrated understanding of human health and the transition to disease. The study will characterize human systems biology by measuring multiple systems simultaneously and longitudinally using a series of clinical, bodily fluid biomarkers, imaging, psychosocial, behavioral, socioeconomic, geospatial, physiometric, and molecular tools. The study will enroll up to 10,000 participants representative of the US population, stratified by conventional risk factors or presence of cardiovascular disease or cancer. Over many years, this study will create a biomedical information structure that will enable scientists, clinicians, and policy makers to work with data scientists to account for the complex interplay of biological, medical, and social systems.