Will Salerno, PhD
Director of Genome & Sequencing Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center

Will Salerno is the Director of Genome & Sequencing Informatics at the Regeneron Genetics Center, a large-scale research effort integrating genomic sequencing and electronic medical record data to drive drug development, improve patient outcomes, and pioneer population-scale genome informatics. His team is responsible for the primary and secondary analysis of 500K samples a year, including the UK BioBank whole-exome sequencing. Will’s research interests focus on the productionalization of high-throughput sequencing informatics, including the design of cloud and local compute infrastructures, optimization of genomic data structures, innovation in comprehensive variant calling and interpretation, and the challenge of performing quality control on samples sets of unprecedented scale. Before joining the RGC in 2019, Will was the Director of Genome Informatics at Baylor College of Medicine’s Human Genome Sequencing Center, where he led the HGSC’s large-scale analysis for programs including TOPMed, All of Us, eMERGE, the Centers for Common Disease Genomics and the Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Program. Will received his PhD in Biochemistry from Baylor College of Medicine in 2010.