Taha Kass-Hout, MD
Senior Leader, Health Care and AI

Taha A. Kass-Hout, MD, MS, is a senior leader at Amazon focusing on health care and AI-related initiatives, including Amazon Comprehend Medical. Amazon Comprehend Medical is the first health care-specific machine learning service offered by AWS. Taha has a successful track record over the past two decades pioneering in health care and life sciences, digital health, big data, open science, precision medicine, crowdsourcing, and cloud. He served as the first Chief Health Informatics Officer for US FDA (2013-2016). During that time, he created multiple innovations, including openFDA and precisionFDA. Both platforms were referenced in the 2015 White House updated Strategy for American Innovation, and precisionFDA was awarded the top prize at the 2016 Bio-IT World Best Practices.

Taha spearheaded groundbreaking programs at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for electronic disease surveillance and early disease detection, including BioSense 2.0 (2009-2013), and at InSTEDD where he led the automated early warning and response for natural disasters and pandemics (2006-2009). He also served as the SVP and Chief Digital Health and Analytics Officer at Trinity Health (2016-2017), one of the leaders in value-based health care systems in the U.S. and advised the American Heart Association, where he was an integral part of the development of AHA’s Precision Medicine cloud platform.