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Bringing together thought leaders in large-scale data analysis and technology to transform the way we diagnose, treat and prevent disease


Data science will shape human health for the 21st century

Researchers and leaders from academia, hospitals, government and industry gathered for three days at Stanford Medicine to spark collaborations, address challenges, and identify actionable steps for using large scale computing and data analysis to improve human health.



A unique opportunity for companies

At this year's Corporate Technical Showcase companies gained exposure with a highly engaged audience. An outdoor wine-and-cheese reception in which attendees shared, answerd, debated, and networked among companies, professionals and Stanford trainees. Thank you to everyone who attended!  




See the incredible presenters who spoke at the Big Data in Biomedicine Conference 2015.


Plan your trip to the 2015 Big Data in Biomedicine Conference hosted by Stanford Medicine.

Past Events

Explore speaker presentations, interviews and more from the 2014 Big Data in Biomedicine Conference.

Harnessing the world’s data to improve human health

Learn more about Stanford’s biomedical data science vision – from population health to personalized medicine.